Talk data to me! Then, make it a story.

My name is Andrej Pivcevic and I am passionate about telling tales that come from analytics and data. Developing and later on telling the story is the way you make sense of the data. However, you need to be careful to narrate the right story and connect the pieces of the riddle step by step like Sherlock Holmes. This is what Economalytics is about.

The special thing about me is that I am not the business person. Although, I have a masters degree in Finance & Investment and work as Head of Finance now, I found the art of storytelling from data really interesting. This interest developed into a thirst that the general knowledge coming from the statistic and method courses that I took on my university was not able to fill. Therefore, after gaining some experience in management consulting, I am currently working as a Data & Analytics Consultant at Ernst & Young and I love to show you how to tell the story with this blog in my free time.

Here you will find plain and simple analysis, explanations, and descriptions of methods that come from various disciplines. These methods stem from Physics, Logistics, Psychology, Statistics, Economics, Business, Computer Science, and more. By applying them in a business or economics context, I will show you step by step a story, regardless of whether it relates to Marketing, Brand Management, Human Resources, Logistics, After-Sales, Production, Process Management, Supply Management or others.

If you have any wishes or any business problems that you would need support with, feel free to hit me up! My dear Watson, I am waiting to see your name pop up on my screen 😉